Friday, August 23, 2013


Well, I do want to be a blogger but have a couple small issues that make me self conscious. I write like I talk & I talk crazy!!!! I also use extra commas, explanation points and have lots of run on sentences!!!! But I have decided that I'm ok with that. Are you?? I mean really!?!? I hope so because I am going to attempt to overcome my other fear of rejection and start blogging again! I also am going to try something a little different on the blog. As mentioned before I LOVE INSTAGRAM!!! I also love quirky little sayings. Therefore, I am a IG screen shotting fool!!! Yes, I am aware shotting is not a word but I am using it anyway! So, I will be making some random posts in between my crafting ones. But hey, you should be expecting that, it's my blog name!!! 😜 I am looking forward to hearing what you think and am open to suggestions. So comment away!!! 

Any who! Back to this post title. Baby cakes turned 5 this month and decided (a week before her 4th birthday) that her party theme would be mermaids!!! She also decided her party would be all girls, no boys!!! Oh kids!!! She was dead set on a party at the bounce house place, for the 3rd year in a row, but I found a place that she couldn't say no to! The YMCA!!! I don't know about your Y but the one in Olive Branch, MS has the most amazing kid area!!! Most of the pool is shallow and there are lots of water features that spray & dump water. There are also 2 fun slides!!! The kids & adults had a blast. There was a small cupcake mishap on the way to the party but they still tasted yummy!!! I did not get any shots of the decor (GO SAM!) but check out the kid cake!!!! 

I am pretty dang proud of myself considering I have never done anything like this & had a great amount of anxiety about it. I'm glad it wasn't as tough as I expected. Baby cakes loved her & that was all I needed!!!! Hope everyone has a great & relaxing weekend! I know I will! We have no plans for the first time in weeks & I can't wait!!! Although I most certainly will end up cleaning. Oh well!!!! At least a clean house makes me happy!!! 

Peace out homies!!! ❤ 

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