Sunday, October 7, 2012

A little secret!

I know all of you have seen & probably used those nifty little toilet seat covers. Did you know they also work wonderfully for removing oil from your face? What? Yes! Pull one of those bad boys off the wall and start blotting. Let me stress BLOT, DO NOT RUB! You can actually see the evidence on the paper. Disgustingly enough you may be able to see my evidence on the top left corner of the picture. Happy testing friends!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Quick & easy

These are two necessities I look for in dinner recipes, quick & easy. The third and most important requirement is healthy. This dinner idea fits all 3. It's Garlic Lime Chicken Fajita made with Recipe Inspirations by McCormick. I have seen a few different flavors but this one is my families favorite. I prefer to make these on a day I have planned our dinner menu early because they taste better after the chicken has been marinated. I just love the citrus taste.

I start by marinating the chicken in OJ, lime juice and the seasoning packets. I usually add extra OJ to make sure all the chicken is covered. I have also added a little water once because I was running low on OJ.

After marinating for a few hours I cook the chicken with the peppers and onions just as the instructions suggest. After cutting the dish is ready to serve.

Easy enough. I serve with tortillas, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream. I also usually add rice and some sort of corn medley. We NEVER have leftovers after this meal!!!

McCormick's did not compensate me in any way. I just like the product!!

What is your go to easy recipe??? I would love any new suggestion!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Who else is ready? I absolutely have Fall fever! I have been pinning all kinds of cute things on Pinterest. Now if I can just get around to making it all! In case you haven't noticed I am a great planner but not great at the execution part of things. Good news: I am working on that problem. Hopefully you guys will reap the benefits of my change!!! Now that I have the Blogger app on my iPhone there is no excuse not to blog, or craft for that matter. I have a few projects in the works & look forward to sharing with you guys!

The below little couple made their way onto our front door & into our hearts. I have been looking for something to go on our doors but couldn't find anything budget friendly. Especially since I now need 2 of anything I find. (A very sarcastic YAY!!) Then a friend suggested these guys, that are available pretty much everywhere. Joanne's had them on sale for $4.99. But Walmart is so much closer to me so I just price matched. So, yes! I paid $10 for both of these. Much better than the $50 burlap footballs I almost bought & way cuter!!!

We are in love & so are they. (Did you notice they are making eyes at each other???) So cute!!

What are some of your first Fall decorations this year?