Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Who else is ready? I absolutely have Fall fever! I have been pinning all kinds of cute things on Pinterest. Now if I can just get around to making it all! In case you haven't noticed I am a great planner but not great at the execution part of things. Good news: I am working on that problem. Hopefully you guys will reap the benefits of my change!!! Now that I have the Blogger app on my iPhone there is no excuse not to blog, or craft for that matter. I have a few projects in the works & look forward to sharing with you guys!

The below little couple made their way onto our front door & into our hearts. I have been looking for something to go on our doors but couldn't find anything budget friendly. Especially since I now need 2 of anything I find. (A very sarcastic YAY!!) Then a friend suggested these guys, that are available pretty much everywhere. Joanne's had them on sale for $4.99. But Walmart is so much closer to me so I just price matched. So, yes! I paid $10 for both of these. Much better than the $50 burlap footballs I almost bought & way cuter!!!

We are in love & so are they. (Did you notice they are making eyes at each other???) So cute!!

What are some of your first Fall decorations this year?

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