Thursday, April 7, 2011

sweet & simple

Baby cakes has been choosing to wear a lot of pink lately. Well, except the day she tried starting a baby goth trend by wearing all black. She has also been wanting to wear this clip, which is actually the first felt barrette I made. After getting a couple compliments I thought maybe I should share this with all of you. I do plan on making posts on projects other than barrettes but not until I get barrettes out of my system. ;-)

I "threw" the below barrettes together for a couple more examples. I love these. They remind me of little sleeping bags for barrettes.

Baby cakes is wearing the pink one as I type. I really need to remember to put my things out of her reach. She is all about matching these days and after getting dressed yesterday she ran to my box of made barrettes & found one that matched her dress. How can I say no when she says "PLEEEEASE?"

Okay. I am off to make more barrettes. HAPPY FRIDAY EVE EVERYONE!!

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  1. Wow - she has much more hair than Claire does! I just had our inaugural pig tails about a month ago! Don't worry about posting barretts often! That's how I feel about socks!

  2. PS I think your other two followers are my mom and older sister :)